Acknowledging the impact of human activities in the socio-economic context and the environment, EXPANDING, defined 12 principles of action that guide its propose for implementing sustainability in the management of the events that promotes and implements.

  1. Adopt and promote the principles of sustainable development included in its Statement of Proposes and Values;
  2. Lead in the sustainable management of the organization of events;
  3. Control and promote the environmental impact of events and whenever possible reduce it;
  4. Implement sustainable development by setting an example through internal management practices, training and guidance of employees;
  5. Ensure the safety of all persons involved in theimplementation and realization of events;
  6. Watch over the places where the events are held;
  7. Assure compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable;
  8. Promote accessibility to all participants;
  9. Implement and manage an Events Sustainability Management System (SGSE), in accordance with ISO 20121 and with a view to the continuous improvement of the practices and performance of the events;
  10. Ensure that in the evaluation and development of the SGSE, the results of the system monitoring and involvement with stakeholders are considered;
  11. Ensure clear, transparent and full communication of Sustainable Development Policy and the performance of the SGSE;
  12. Promote the awareness of partners, supply chain and other parties involved, for the practice of sustainable behavior, leaving it as a legacy for future generations.
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