Explore the


Reach other worlds.

"Why explore space? We are a species of explorers and while the drive to explore is innate this alone may not be enough. Space exploration is hard, dangerous, expensive and yet essential. We must explore space to secure the Earth. Without the bounty of space, we will have to ration the limited resources of Earth including some or all of births, energy, water and food. We must use the extreme bounty of energy and resources to continue to provide for the growing demands of Earth. We must explore space, for there are dangers there like asteroids, debris and even deadly “space weather” we must understand to protect life on Earth. Ultimately, humanity MUST become a multi-planet species. This habitable planet is not eternal, whether soon from natural or human catastrophes, or in the distant future, the cradle of our existence will ultimately be destroyed. If human life is to persist in the universe, we must move out into that universe. This essential journey of exploration and migration, has and will continue to pay dividends to all the people of Earth, through the science and technology that comes from working at hard problems. We choose to explore space… now!" - RICHARD GARRIOTT DE CAYEUX

High achievers have something to look up to

The shimmering, vast and ever-growing appeal of the unknown. That’s what keeps generations upon generations of humans looking upwards, towards the sky. Pushing the boundaries of science, stretching our technical abilities and reaching further, beyond imagination, to become an explorer of new worlds. Space keeps fuelling our desire to trust the benefits of the unknown, this courage has been driving innovation and dreams for centuries.

Navigating the depths of space

The not so distant future will bring new sights to the universe. We are on the verge of exploring cosmic oceans, returning to the moon, revisiting the shores of Venus, making connections to exoplanets, discovering the past and the present of other planets. The tools of today show us similarities between Earth and other worlds, providing insights to our planet’s future.

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