The world's most inspiring explorers summit.

The Explorers Club, in partnership with Expanding World, is navigating to new horizons with a global summit intended to bring together the world in the search for the unexplored.

James Garvin - Nasa Chief Scientist

The GLEX Summit

The Explorers Club’s Global Exploration Summit (GLEX) will bring together the world’s leading explorers who make a difference in the future of humanity for an unprecedented gathering where they will share cutting-edge technology and innovations to propel us toward the next frontier in the future of exploration. This year, the Summit will showcase the latest discoveries, the explorations with the future of the planet and connect with the public through mass media and audience participation.

The Explorers Club is navigating to new horizons with the planet action heroes aiming to bring together the world in the search for the unexplored. The Explorers Club’s leaders and international officials, at the closing of the first GLEX, signed the Lisbon Declaration, committing all participants to a worldwide effort to inspire the public to protect our planet, reconnecting with nature and preserving its most pristine habitats.

The Lisbon Declaration

“We pledge our commitment to exploration in the pursuit of scientific understanding for the betterment of humanity and all life on earth and beyond. We treasure our planet, its life and respect the cultures that inhabit it, and dedicate our efforts to mitigating climate change, preventing the extinction of species and cultures, and preserving the health of our lands and oceans”.

Lisbon Declaration
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