Into a more sustainable future.

Our balance is rooted in sustainability

Our use of land-based resources is currently unsustainable, narrow-minded and leading us into a future paved with bleak options.
Our collective behavior affects life in all forms, beyond the developed world, unbalancing the most remote corners of the planet, its nature and native people.

Climate disasters are rising. Can science help?

Extreme weather is here. As the planet heats up, natural events continue to break new records worldwide. Floods, landslides, wildfires, storms, heat waves and droughts are making headlines more frequently.
The number of weather related disasters has increased tremendously in the past 50 years and its intensity and iteration will continue to grow in the future. Thanks to early warning systems more lives are being saved but the number of people exposed to disaster risk is also increasing.
Governments and corporations action to wind down fossil fuel use and cut emissions is not enough. We need to ramp up efforts to live on a drier, wetter and stormier planet and scientists have a leading role on a better future for humanity.

Our future hope stems from the earth

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