Yvette Gonzalez

Senior Space Strategy Consultant, Author, and Visiting Researcher (University of Plymouth)

Yvette Gonzalez
Yvette Gonzalez is a space strategy leader, human resilience and conflict mitigation expert, climate researcher, and author. She has over two decades of international emergency response experience working with communities facing war, climate disasters, and epidemiological outbreaks. Her focus is on resilience, livelihoods, and space technologies to solve Earth challenges.
She carries out senior level strategic ideation, planning, and training in these complex contexts and also consults with emerging space nations on their space, science, and technology ecosystem roadmaps. She serves as an External Advisor for the ESA Foresight Committee and is a Visiting Researcher with the University of Plymouth Faculty of Health.
Her research focuses on space research for applied use for humanity as well as climate impact on humanity. In 2023 Yvette served as a crew member and research lead for the first-ever space research analog in Portugal, CAMões, which resulted in her first of two published ebooks and audiobooks in 2024.
Yvette was invited and inducted into the Explorers Club in 2021 as one of 16 distinguished women (the “Womens 16”) paving an exploration path in the new millennium to honor the original 16 women who joined the club in 1981.
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