Sara Sabry

First Egyptian Astronaut on Blue Origin NS-22 mission

Sara Sabry
In 2020, Sara Sabry made history becoming the first Egyptian astronaut, the first Arab Woman and the first Woman from the African continent to go to space.

Sara has become an internationally renowned astronaut, whose achievements and dedication to space exploration have made her an inspiring figure in the fields of science and adventure. In addition to her scientific efforts, Sara's outreach endeavours have inspired countless individuals, especially young girls, to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), emphasising the importance of diversity and inclusion in the space industry. Sabry founded and serves until now as Executive Director of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing accessibility and opportunity in the space field while enabling deep space exploration for all.

As a Phd student in Aerospace Sciences, Sabry is currently conducting research on the engineering of the next generation of planetary spacesuits at the NASA-funded Humanspaceflight lab.

Sara Sabry continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, serving as a beacon of inspiration and a symbol of human ingenuity. Her indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to scientific discovery exemplify the unlimited potential of humanity to explore and thrive in the cosmos. As she sets her sights on future missions to the Moon and beyond, Sara remains dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of the universe and promoting a brighter future for generations to come.
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