Joe Rohde

Experience Architect for Virgin Galactic and Lead Designer of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Joe Rohde
Joseph Rohde is a renowned American architecture and designer known for his work of conceptualization, design, and production of the thematic park Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Currently, Rohde is the Creative Portfolio Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Rohde graduated in theatre from California Institute of the Arts and later obtained his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. The American is known for his holistic approach to design, integrating architectural, narrative, and cultural elements to create immersive and memorable experiences for visitors.

With over 30 years of experience working in the design and development arm of the Walt Disney Company, Rohde leads design teams in conceiving the major attractions and themed areas of theme parks. In his work, he seeks to highlight the diversity of wildlife and cultures around the world.

To further contribute to his work, the American is a member of "The Explorers Club '10", an international organization dedicated to advancing field exploration and scientific research. Alongside the organization, Rohde travels to the most remote places in the world. His latest expedition, to Western Mongolia, was aimed at raising funds for the conservation of Snow Leopards.
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